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We advance technology that powers an electrified world.

Albemarle is a trusted partner with automotive manufacturers and the battery value chain to deliver critical elements for lithium-ion batteries. As the world continues to electrify, Albemarle is pioneering technologies that will driver greater energy density for increased range and reduced weight and volume as well as closed-loop solutions for the lithium supply chain.

Diagram labeled "anatomy of a lithium ion battery" depicting its structure with sections for cathode, anode, electrolyte, and porous separator, along with lithium ions and materials like lithium-metal oxide and lithium carbon (graphite).
Our offerings meet the demand for a clean energy future and innovation in mobility, energy and electronics:

Cathode Solutions

Our lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide products are derived from both brine and hard-rock deposits, and are offered in both Battery Grade and Technical Grade – all offer flexibility for use in a wide variety of cathode electrodes.


Enhance the energy storage capabilities with our tailored prelithiation solutions for the cathode, seamlessly integrating with silicon anodes to unlock superior energy density and accelerate charging.


Albemarle is actively working to develop and partner on future recycled lithium streams for solutions to deliver a closed-loop supply for batteries. 

Anode Solutions

Albemarle offers advanced Anode solutions, featuring Lithium Metal Anodes in a variety of thicknesses aimed at achieving the highest potential for energy density in the battery.

Electrolyte Solutions

We offer customers the ability to unlock the potential of solid-state electrolytes (SSE) with Albemarle's lithium sulfide, a pivotal precursor for sulfidic solid-state electrolytes. Our offering contributes to enhanced conductivity and notable safety benefits. For conventional lithium-ion batteries, our lithium carbonate is used as a precursor to lithium hexafluorophosphate, a critical ingredient for liquid electrolyte.

Battery Casings

Albemarle provides a variety of flame retardant solutions for all types of battery enclosures, helping to keep the power source safe, secure and durable.


+3.2 MMt
Projected global lithium demand by 2030
Projected EVs share of global auto market by 2030
Amount of battery material supply from end-of-life BEVs by 2035
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Unlocking Value in All Parts of the Battery Cell

Lithium-ion batteries have conventionally consisted of a cathode, a graphite anode and a liquid electrolyte.

  • Lithium metal anodes are critical in delivering significant improvements in energy density
  • Transferring from flammable liquid electrolyte to semi-solid and solid-state architecture can improve safety and performance
  • Rapid innovation in lithium materials indicates yet more improvements
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EV Range Improvements from Battery Materials

Through advancements in battery cell materials, significant increases in the range of EVs are being realized – with a 40% increase in average range projected by 2030. That’s the equivalent of a 185-mile range EV getting a range boost to 260 miles.

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