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Advancing the future of movement with materials that make mobility cleaner and better.

Cleaner cars, lighter planes, safer personal vehicles and sustainable transportation – Albemarle is pioneering better, faster and cleaner movement in our world.

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Sustainable Movement

Albemarle is finding new and smarter ways to use lithium-based batteries in electrified vehicles from cars to trucks to aircraft, helping to empower the clean energy revolution.

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Travel Made Safer

From airbags to high-performance tires to materials that are lighter, stronger and flame retardant, Albemarle is helping to make travel safer for both people and planet.

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Innovation for the Next Era of Movement

Albemarle is continuously working to provide safer, more energy efficient mobility, including current partnerships to pioneer batteries that are lighter in weight and have better thermal controls. The aim is to make the next generation of EVs, e-bikes, drones and urban aircraft a reality for as many people in as many places as possible.

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“Our aim is to innovate even more valuable forms of lithium that will make lithium-ion batteries safer and more energy dense, electrifying more vehicles every year.”

 Glen Merfeld, CTO Energy Storage, Albemarle

3d rendering of an electric vehicle's platform showing its battery pack in the chassis and wheel assemblies.

Engineering Safer, Better Performing EVs

Albemarle is contributing key advancements in airbag deployment technology, high-performance tires, flame retardant automotive components and battery cell materials. The goal is to make EVs that are even safer to drive, and with twice the energy density by 2030.

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