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Making healthier and safer lives more attainable so the planet and future generations can thrive.

From ingredients in medicines and medical devices, to nutrient additives for crops, antimicrobials for food safety and clean water solutions, Albemarle helps ensure the food we eat is safe, the water we drink is clean, and the environment we live in is more sustainable. 

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Protecting Food and Water 

Albemarle plays a pioneering role in the development of all types of agrochemical synthesis and production of environmentally responsible solutions helping to protect crops, water sources and food security around the world.

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Stabilizing Mercury Contamination

MercLok™ is Albemarle’s new and innovative product that brings a novel approach to the global human health hazard of mercury contamination.  This versatile solution is designed to rapidly stabilize mercury found in a range of soils and industrial waste sites.

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Powering Medical Implants for Long Life

Albemarle's lithium-based products have been powering life-saving medical devices for decades. Albemarle scientists are contributing to new innovations that promise even longer-lasting life for devices such as pacemakers, ensuring their safe, reliable and consistent performance while reducing the need for invasive surgeries.

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Contributing to Food Security

Albemarle's agrochemical syntheses of advanced pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are essential to developing and formulating products that enhance crop yield, protect against pests and bolster food security globally.

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Powering Medical Progress

Albemarle partners with leading pharmaceutical innovators on intricate synthesis processes that bring life-saving medications to market quickly, reliably and at scale. Unique properties of our organometallic compounds make them invaluable for innovative drug design and development. 

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