Two engineers in hard hats examine documents at a salt flat with mountains in the background, indicating a renewable energy project focusing on lithium extraction.

Empowering the transition to a sustainable future with lithium while meeting the energy needs of a growing world.

Our lithium products, critical ingredients for lithium-based batteries, are supporting the build-out of renewable energy generation, efficient storage, and a stable energy ecosystem that can cleanly power the planet. 

Close-up view of multiple electric vehicle battery cells from a top perspective, highlighting their circular lids and concentric ring patterns.

Powering the Power Sources

Energy storage systems are a critical component of a flexible and reliable grid that balances intermittent renewable energy sources with meeting the demands of homes, communities and businesses when and where needed.  Albemarle’s material know-how and our ability to make battery materials strong, flexible and fire-safe, enable the transfer of all types of clean energy in a safer and more reliable, scalable and cost-effective way. 

A modern office building with energy efficient strong windows illuminated in the evening, surrounded by dried grass and a lit pathway leading to it.

Structures with Style and Sustainability

From the glass in homes and offices to the materials in energy-conserving elevator technologies, Albemarle ingenuity is making the structures of today and tomorrow solid and smart. Energy efficient innovations allow for high function and high style with lower energy consumption. 

Industrial plant in the distance behind lush green wetlands under a clear blue sky, seen from behind tall reeds, emphasizing a contrast between nature and industry.

Efficiency Across All Energy Sources

The global energy transition to a cleaner future requires maximizing the efficiency of all sources of energy. Albemarle’s deep expertise in clear brine completion fluids means that conventional energy extraction can be optimized for well productivity and safety of people and planet.

Aerial night view of a bustling city with illuminated skyscrapers, roads, and a few cars, showcasing a vibrant urban landscape.

Balancing Supply and Demand

Powering our world with renewable energy will require a resilient and flexible electrical grid that can absorb excess energy during peak supply times and then distribute it during peak usage times. Battery energy storage systems provide the flexibility to harvest renewable energy when it is available, and to distribute it when it’s needed – maintaining a reliable flow that can meet both supply and demand.

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