A view of earth from space at night showing the planet's curved horizon. Some clouds are illuminated by city lights. Clusters of city lights showing in certain areas looking like connected light streams.

Enabling an always-on world, to make technology more reliable, and innovation more efficient. 

From industrial cables to personal electronics, and kitchen appliances to satellites, Albemarle expertise ensures our always-on world stays connected. 

Colorful, intertwined cables in close-up view with protective fire resistant insulation. The cables appear in shades of orange, yellow, green, blue, and red.

Devices That Spark Imagination, Not Flames

Personal devices are packing more power and require advanced materials for safe performance. From device glass, clean printed circuit boards to flame retardant plastics and wires, Albemarle advanced materials enable safe operation and innovation. 

A close-up of a hand holding a smartphone displaying a smart home app interface for controlling living room lights, with a brightness setting at 70%.

Smart Homes with an A+ in Safety

Smart homes regulate energy, provide security, communicate and make everyday tasks easier. From the wiring in the cables to the cooktops in kitchens, Albemarle innovations are making the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) a safe and sustainable reality.

Low-angle view of a telecommunications tower with multiple antennas, cables, and mounting brackets for reliable communications.

More Reliable Global Communications Infrastructure

An intricate network of satellites, submarine cables, telecom towers and fiber optics provide essential data and connectivity to nations, businesses and individuals. Keeping the cables fire-safe and providing reliable lithium battery power on land, in space and under water is achieved with Albemarle know-how. 

Close-up of a modern electric stove top with four strong radiant ceramic burners, two of which are glowing bright red indicating they are turned on.

The Clear Benefits of Glass

The glass industry requires lithium carbonate or spodumene to improve the properties of glass.

  • Lithium carbonate in glass-ceramic cooktops reduces thermal expansion. 
  • Lithium oxide, or lithia, is used in glass products including electronic devices providing corrosion and thermal shock resistance.
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A person in a yellow sweater typing on a laptop with a strong, fire-resistant circuit board. The laptop is placed on a wooden desk, near a window with natural light streaming in.

Average Home:  20+ Electronic Products

Albemarle wire and cable coatings and thermoplastic flame retardant additives allow for circuit boards to exist almost anywhere, safely. 

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