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Pioneering flame retardant solutions that make tomorrow’s technology possible today.

Our homes, workplaces, transportation and devices increasingly depend on products that pose fire hazards. As technology accelerates, Albemarle’s advanced flame retardants are ahead of the curve, helping to save lives and property—today and well into the future.

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For decades, Albemarle has continuously pioneered flame retardant solutions to meet the exacting material and processing requirements across a wide range of industries from electronics and construction to medical devices and textiles.


  • Albemarle is a global leader in flame retardant technology—setting the standard for high performance, exceptional safety and sustainability
  • We help enable the world’s leading manufacturers of electronics, appliances, building material and vehicles to bring next-generation innovations to market safely and reliably
  • Our commitment to environmental stewardship spans from production to application, increasing recyclability and lowering our carbon footprint
  • We actively support the first-responder community, reflecting our holistic approach to fire safety
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Pioneering Solutions That Deliver Peace of Mind

Brominated flame retardants such as SAYTEX® 8010 provide life-saving properties to everyday products and are enabling emergent technologies for transportation and digitalization. The average home has more than 20 electronic products. Many of those everyday items are flammable and can present a risk to people and property. SAYTEX® 8010 flame retardant decreases flammability and can allow more escape time in the event of a life-threatening fire.

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How Flame Retardants Work

Fire prevention additives or flame retardants are combined with plastics during the manufacturing process. These additives help prevent ignition and make plastics more fire-resistant, contributing to safer products and protecting people and property.

Thermoplastic Solutions

Albemarle's flame retardant solutions are used in a wide variety of polymers. During the compounding stage of thermoplastics production, flame retardant additives can be directly incorporated into the polymer matrix to enhance fire resistance.

Wire & Cable Solutions

Albemarle's additives help mitigate the incidence of fire hazards. Flame retardant additives can be compounded into the polymer matrix during the wire and cable extrusion process, and during the production of wire coatings / primary insulation. Doing this enhances the fire resistance of the final product. Our flame retardant technology helps to meet the most stringent fire standards in the industry.

Textile & Adhesives

Albemarle's additives can help significantly reduce the flammability of fibers and fabrics. Flame retardants can be applied to textile fibers or fabrics during various stages of processing, such as coating, to enhance fire resistance.


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