Two industrial workers are in conversation within a factory setting. Both are wearing hard hats and ear protection; one also wears a face mask. The individual on the right holds and refers to a document. Yellow railings and industrial machinery are visible in the background.

A Culture of Safety

Lithium and bromine are naturally occurring – and listed among the World Health Organization (WHO) top elements essential for life.  These powerful minerals require exceptional scientific, technical and manufacturing know-how to mitigate safety risks associated with extraction, production and transportation.  Attention to and investment in safety from mine or brine to market is a core reason customers and communities trust Albemarle to deliver.

Environmental Safety


Sustainable practices are inherent in our purpose: 

To build a more resilient world for people and planet.  


Learn more about our commitment to safe practices in extracting our natural resources and caring for our local environments in our robust Sustainability Resources.

Plant Safety


Program adopted from Responsible Care RC14001 chemical industry program, which integrates the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care requirements with those of ISO 14001 and the OSHA Process Safety Management standards.

Data Analytics

A single platform across our global network of operations standardizes and streamlines safety data collection allowing us to track leading indicators and pinpoint risks in real time.


To ensure mechanical integrity and safety of our equipment, we continue to increase investment in preventative maintenance and engineering controls.


Our head of HS&E and Manufacturing Excellence is a direct report to our CEO and – in addition to safety staff in all locations – we also have Albemarle regional safety leaders responsible for extending our safety measures to our contractors. 

“With an ultimate goal of zero incidents, we continue to achieve a top decile ranking for safety performance benchmarked against ACC peers.”

 Mark Mummert, SVP, Capital Projects and Integrated Supply Chain

Care • Curiosity • Collaboration • Humility • Accountability • Integrity

Our values guide our mission.

Transportation & Storage Safety


We provide a wide variety of packaging from drums, paper and super sacks to bulk trucks that align customer needs with safe handling methods. 

Safe Transfer

Air- and moisture-sensitive organometallic and hydride solutions are shipped in returnable steel containers meeting regulatory requirements and allowing easy and safe transfer of our products.


Whether shipping full rail tank cars for bulk products or glass bottles for laboratory quantities, we provide options for customers’ unique needs including reagents, container return and cleaning/disposal as needed.

Technical Assistance


Our experienced technical specialists in every region of the world are always on hand to support customer needs for safe product handling and manufacturing.

On Site Training

Customers and potential customers visit our facilities to become educated on best practices for handling of sensitive compounds.  We also advise customers on safe and efficient design of their own production facilities.