Aerial view of a large industrial complex filled with numerous interconnected metal structures, pipes, and tanks. The facility is illuminated with bright lights, indicating late evening or early morning operations. Smokestacks emit vapor, with the sky in a dusky hue.

A Global Leader in Bromine

Albemarle is one of the largest producers, manufacturers and distributors of bromine and bromine derivatives in the world. Decades of advancing bromine chemistry knowledge allows us to provide the highest performing products for flame retardants, agriculture and food safety, pharmaceuticals and a wide variety of industrial uses.

Our bromine is derived through brine-based extraction at our resources in some of the most mineral-rich saltwater aquifers in the world:

Magnolia, AR

The Smackover Formation in Arkansas is the only source of commercial bromine in the U.S. and home to a production site where we extract and refine high-quality bromine for distribution globally.

A person wearing safety glasses and a blue lab coat is working in a laboratory. They are using a glove box with a transparent dome to handle materials inside. Laboratory equipment and a large clear container are visible in the background.


On the southeast side of the Dead Sea – source of the largest concentration of bromine in the world – we extract and produce bromine through our long-term joint venture with the Jordan Bromine Company (JBC).

An industrial facility at dusk, featuring complex steel frameworks, pipes, and towers illuminated by artificial lights. The sky is a deep purple, indicating early nightfall. The image showcases the intricate and dense infrastructure of the plant.

Bromine Conversion & Production

In both our Magnolia and Jordan locations, bromine is separated using chemical processes involving chlorine reactions, steam, heat and distillation. Albemarle has refined a world-leading process that is fast, simple and relatively economical. 

Bar graph titled "Industrial Cost Curve for Elemental Bromine". It shows the relative production cost versus 2021 estimated capacity in kilotons (kT) for various regions: Dead Sea (most cost-efficient), Arkansas/U.S., India, China & Japan, and Djibouti (highest cost).