A man in a hard hat and orange vest stands with crossed arms at a salt mine, with large white salt piles and machinery in the background under a clear blue sky.

The Albemarle difference: reliable, high-quality global supply.

With leading global positions in lithium and bromine, Albemarle believes where and how we produce essential elements is just as important as how much we produce.  

Critically important and high-growth industries – from automotive EVs to electronics, fire and food safety – require quality supply when and where they need it. Geographic diversity of our resources and production facilities provide products closer to customers and align to regional and national regulatory requirements.

Albemarle’s commitment to sustainability, transparency and ethical ways of operating, is not only the responsible approach, but one which enhances the ultimate value of our customers’ offerings.

A world map titled "Expanding Global Footprint" features color-coded dots indicating the various types of Albemarle resources and operations across different locations. The map highlights locations in the US, Germany, China, Jordan, Chile, and Australia.
A yellow conveyor belt on a green framework is positioned above a large, metal-roofed conical structure, which appears to be for storing or processing bulk salt or sand. The surrounding area is covered in salt material, with a clear blue sky above.

Lithium Resource & Processing

For more than 50 years, Albemarle has been pioneering ever more efficient means of lithium extraction and processing. From hard rock to brine resources, and in the exciting but emerging technology of Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE), Albemarle has the experience, technical expertise, resources and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a reliable supply of lithium.

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A worker wearing a white hard hat, safety glasses, ear protection, white gloves, and a white protective suit stands next to industrial machinery. In the foreground, a bag labeled "SAYTEX 8010 Flame Retardant" is being moved by the machinery.

Bromine Resource & Processing

As one of the world's largest producers of bromine and bromine derivatives, we have invested decades of experience to create a world-leading bromine production process that is fast, simple and protective of the invaluable water resources near our facilities. The result is a high-quality, reliable supply of bromine.

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Two individuals in safety gear, including hard hats and glasses, examine equipment in an industrial setting. One person points to a device on a large stainless steel container, while holding a clipboard. They are surrounded by industrial machinery and stainless steel tanks.

Lithium Recycling

Albemarle is committed to the development of an effective circular battery economy across the globe, and we are using our experience as a market leader in battery grade lithium products to help develop a closed-loop supply chain.

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A woman wearing safety glasses and a hard hat examines a metallic, protective coat in a storage area, likely in an industrial or lab setting. She is holding the coat open, inspecting the inside lining, with helmets and other clothing hanging in the background.

A Culture of Safety

At Albemarle we take safety seriously, at every level of the organization – from the Board of Directors to the field, the lab and the plant floor. And while both lithium and bromine are naturally occurring elements that are essential for life, they are also powerful minerals that require the specialized and experienced handling which Albemarle provides.

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