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Safeguarding foods for a healthy planet.

Our advances in technology and a deep understanding of ecological dynamics have pioneered a portfolio of sustainable, effective chemical solutions that safeguard plant health, livestock and products while minimizing environmental impact.

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Chemistry for Agricultural Productivity

Albemarle is proud of our people and the pioneering role we play in the development of sustainable agriculture solutions, plant health and plant health products. Our work has formed the backbone of agrochemical syntheses of advanced pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Potassium chloride from our natural brine resource is converted into potassium fertilizer to provide essential nutrients to the soil to unlock its true plant potential. These essential components are critical in formulating products that enhance crop yield, protect against pests and bolster food security globally.

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Safety-First Innovation

Albemarle makes safety paramount across the entire life cycle of our applications – from protecting workers and the environment, to patented equipment for the safe handling and transportation of all our materials.

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A Vital Crop Nutrient for Feeding the World

Potassium chloride (also known as potash) from Albemarle is an indispensable nutrient for plant growth, increasing production and improving the quality of crops. Potash is an excellent source of soluble potassium, a primary plant macronutrient ensuring optimal crop growth, higher yields and better-quality produce. Potash is a vital contributor to feeding the world by enabling thriving crops even in challenging conditions.

In addition to fertilizer, potassium chloride is important in aluminum recycling, the production of potassium hydroxide (KOH), in metal electroplating, as an oil-well drilling fluid, in snow and ice melting, steel heat-treating and water softening.

Food Safety Biocides

Albemarle’s innovative chemistry provides flexibility in a wide range of applications and allows for effective reuse of water. We offer simple, manufacturing plant-friendly chemistries without objectionable odors or corrosion issues created by other products.

Albemarle offers a premium line of antimicrobials as a unique solution for the food processing industry. Albemarle’s food safety products are effective against many pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella Campylobactor, and E. coli O157:H7


Our fertilizer solution aids growers in meeting their crop nutrient requirements, enabling them to achieve higher yields while promoting economic, social and environmental advantages.

Agriculture Chemical Synthesis

Albemarle is proud of the pioneering role we play in the development of modern agrochemical synthesis and the production of environmentally friendly agrochemical alternatives.
These essential components are critical in formulating products that enhance crop yield, protect against pests, and bolster food security globally.

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