A mother and child hold hands while walking in a forest, with sunbeams streaming through the tall trees, illuminating the misty air and the leaf-strewn pathway.

Committed to building a more resilient world.

At Albemarle, we guide our actions and culture by the care of others, humbly serving both people and planet. That's why we work together with partners to ask questions, imagine possibilities and consider alternatives.

We are rethinking the way we move, power, connect and protect by transforming essential resources with honesty, transparency and accountability for our actions. Because advancing how we live today means committing ourselves to building a resilient world where people and planet thrive in the future.

Infographic titled "Our Core Values Are Essential To Achieving Our Purpose," detailing sic values - Care, Curiosity, Collaboration, Humility, Accountability, Integrity - against a green geometric background.  Albemarle logo at bottom right.


We’re more than 9,000 employees serving 70 countries working every day to build a more resilient planet. We look forward to hearing from you.