A person wearing safety goggles and a blue lab coat reaches for a glass beaker in a well-equipped laboratory. Various glassware and scientific equipment are arranged on a shelf in the foreground. Shelves with bottles and containers are visible in the background.

We recognize that our people are our most essential element.

At Albemarle, we strive to create an inclusive, values-driven work environment that fosters open communication and collaboration.

We are a team of global employees with diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, ideas and talents who come together to move the world toward a better, safer, more sustainable future.

To support our people, this is how we define DE&I and belonging at Albemarle:

Diversity is a fact and exists all around us.

Equity is the result of the structures, processes and systems we put in place to ensure all people can live their best lives.

Inclusion is the actions we take to ensure that everyone's voice is represented, involved, and engaged.

Belonging is the feeling of security and support when there is a sense of acceptance.

Two diverse industrial workers wearing protective gear, including helmets, safety glasses, and earmuffs, are engaged in a discussion at a worksite. One worker is pointing towards something off-camera while both look attentively in the same direction.

2023 DE&I Report: Building A More Resilient World Through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Download our inaugural DE&I report to learn about the strengths of our global workforce, the progress we’ve made and our commitments for the future.

Download the 2023 DE&I Report
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What Belonging Means to Our Employees

Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion is simply the right thing to do—for our employees, communities and businesses.

Albemarle is an equal opportunity employer and we aim to cultivate a work environment that reflects and celebrates our employees' unique backgrounds and experiences.

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Two diverse scientists wearing lab coats and safety glasses are working in a laboratory. One scientist points at a piece of equipment while explaining something to the other. Various lab instruments and containers are visible in the background.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee

Albemarle's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Steering Committee includes Albemarle leaders who were strategically selected based on their demonstrated passion to advance DE&I initiatives, as well as their representation across a variety of regions, business units and functions.

This committee has partnered to help develop our DE&I strategy and will continue to inform, encourage and monitor our DE&I strategy. This has been an important step in our journey to build greater diversity, equity and inclusion at Albemarle, as it supports the development of a strategy that is meaningful, collaborative and rooted in all aspects of our organization.


Our Mission

Engage all employees in all locations to:

  • Build a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace focused on safety, mutual respect, development and wellbeing.
  • Actively collaborate and engage in the communities where we work and live.


Our Vision

We aspire to foster a diverse workforce where everyone can reach their fullest potential in an equitable and inclusive work environment.

Our Strategic Pillars

Build and maintain a high-performing workforce that reflects global diversity.
Cultivate an inclusive and equitable culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging.
Enrich the lives of all people in the communities where Albemarle is present.
Employee Voices

“Synergy is born from diversity. When an organization fosters a culture that embraces differences, it can lead to better solutions and greater value to that organization.”

 Amy Quinn, Business Manager, BG Lithium Carbonate, Women Connect Co-Lead

“Having a community where there is someone else who’s had a similar journey as you gives a sense of safety. Being able to communicate with someone who looks and sounds like you creates a sense of belonging.”

 Janara Jones, Vice President, Global Tax & Chief Tax Officer, Black Employees Connect Executive Sponsor

“The feeling of belonging and inclusion is a consequence of feeling comfortable, accepted and seen. The simple fact that the Pride Connect group exists makes me feel safer and more comfortable with myself at work.”

 Javier Contreras, Leader of Numerical Hydrogeological Modeling, Member of Pride Connect

Logo with a design composed of two curved lines: one yellow and one green, intersecting near the top left. The text reads: "Albemarle Connect Employee Groups" with "Albemarle" in dark blue, "Connect" in green, and "Employee Groups" in dark blue.

Proud of Our Connect Groups and the Atmosphere of Inclusion They Create

ABLE Connect: Abilities Beyond Limitations & Expectations promotes awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities and their allies at Albemarle, providing a safe space for these individuals to be better understood and supported.

Asian & Middle Eastern Connect: Embraces our diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to create equitable and all-inclusive workspace, allowing us to advocate, develop and empower future Asian & Middle Eastern leaders.

AWIM Connect: Albemarle Women in Manufacturing provides a safe space for women in manufacturing roles, those interested in manufacturing roles, and their supporters to learn, share and develop their careers.

Black Employees Connect: Promotes cultural understanding, quality leadership, and professional excellence through a unique approach to advocacy, diversity appreciation, professional support and community outreach.

Faith Connect: A welcome space for people of all faiths to connect by strengthening, encouraging, and supporting one another in order to love, serve and care for the people of Albemarle.

Latinx Connect: Promotes cultural diversity and professional development, creating a supportive environment for the Latino/Hispanic community and its allies and contributing to Albemarle’s success.

Pride Connect: Promotes the belief that each individual’s unique attributes make them interesting and provide color to our company. Pride Connect works to help everyone feel safe to bring their true selves to work.

Veterans Connect: Connects managers, employees and HR with those who have military experience, are transitioning into the workforce, or have family members on active duty.

Women Connect: Encourages dialogue and promotes potential for women professionals through philanthropy, community and development.

Commitments and Recognition

Our commitment to building a diverse, equitable workplace and inclusive culture goes beyond activities inside our office. Through initiatives and partnerships outside our organization, we strengthen our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion and build on resources and learnings that make Albemarle a better place to work. Take a look at our external commitments:

Text logo that reads "CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion" in bold, black letters. The word "Action" is highlighted with a rectangular border. A dot symbol in place of the letter "i" in the word "Action" adds emphasis. The image features the United Nations logo above the words "Sustainable Development Goals," which are written in blue text. Below "GOALS," there is a multicolored circle made up of 17 segments, each representing one of the Sustainable Development Goals. A gold circular badge with a red ribbon across it reads "America's Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2024" at the top. Below the ribbon is the Newsweek logo and a small leaf icon with the text "Plant-A Insights Group. Circular badge with an equal sign at the top, followed by "Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index" in the center, and the year "2023" at the bottom.

Military Friendly® Employer Designation

Albemarle earned the 2023 Military Friendly ® Employer designation in the categories of Military Friendly Employer and Military Friendly Spouse. We attribute this accolade to living our core values daily while also investing in recruitment and development initiatives for our military members at Albemarle.

Institutions earning the Military Friendly ® Employer designation were evaluated using both public data sources and responses from a proprietary survey. Final ratings were determined by combining an organization’s survey score with an assessment of the organization’s ability to meet thresholds for Applicant, New Hire Retention, Employee Turnover and Promotion & Advancement of veterans and military employees.

A circular emblem with a dark blue border. The inner part has "Military Friendly Employer" written around the edge and "2023 Bronze" in the center, with a stylized "MF" logo featuring stars and stripes. Circular badge with "Military Friendly Spouse Employer" written around the edge. The center features "2023" below a stylized "MF" with stars and stripes design. The badge's border is dark blue, and the text and design elements are white and red. A circular badge features the text "VETS Indexes RECOGNIZED EMPLOYER 2023". "VETS" is in blue, "Indexes" is in gray, "RECOGNIZED EMPLOYER" is in red, and "2023" is in blue below red stripes. The badge is outlined with blue and white borders.

Committed to Supporting and Growing Our Veterans

Your service made you a leader, and a disciplined strategic thinker. We honor your service and value your strengths. As an organization, we have a long history of providing career opportunities to veterans, reservists and their family members. We value the leadership, reliability and high-tech skills veterans bring to the organization, as well as their loyalty and integrity. In our plants and offices, you’ll find a culture that is team-oriented, collaborative, structured and challenging.

Albemarle earned the 2023 Military Friendly ® Employer designation in the categories of Military Friendly Employer and Military Friendly Supplier Diversity Program. We attribute this accolade to living our core values daily while also investing in recruitment and development initiatives for our military members at Albemarle.

A woman with curly hair, wearing a blue blazer over a floral blouse, smiles while sitting at a desk. She has statement earrings and appears to be working on a computer. The background is blurred, focusing attention on her cheerful expression.

Growing Gender Diversity

We engage in holistic diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to drive global gender equality and representation across the company. We're proud of our efforts to attract and support women in traditionally underrepresented areas like engineering (+2.1% since 2021) manufacturing and mining (+7.5% increase since 2021).

Outstanding People Deserve Outstanding Benefits

Albemarle proudly gives our employees great benefits and rewards designed to promote their career and work-life balance.