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On January 12, 2015, Albemarle closed on the acquisition of Rockwood Holdings to create a premier specialty chemicals company with leading positions in attractive end markets around the world.

Albemarle Corporation, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a premier specialty chemicals company with leading positions in attractive end markets around the world. With a broad customer reach and diverse end markets, Albemarle develops, manufactures and markets technologically advanced and high value added products, including lithium ion batteries, flame retardants, catalysts and surface treatment chemistries for use within a wide range of applications including consumer electronics, metal processing, plastics, contemporary and alternative transportation vehicles, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, construction and custom chemistry services. 

Albemarle is focused on delivering differentiated, performance-based technologies that deliver innovative solutions to its customers. Albemarle employs more than 6,900 people worldwide and serves customers in approximately 100 countries. The Company is committed to global sustainability and is advancing its eco-practices and solutions in its four businesses: Lithium, Catalyst Solutions, Performance Chemicals and Surface Treatment. 

*(all data as of 12/31/13) 

* Geography data is not adjusted for the divestiture of antioxidants, ibuprofen, and propofol businesses

Leadership across highly attractive growth segments

Source: Company information

Note: USD in millions

(1) EBITDA & EBITDA margin calculated before corporate overhead expenses

(2) Excludes the impact of the divesture of Albemarle's antioxidant, ibuprofen and propofol businesses and assets (closed August 31, 2014)

(3) Surface Treatment results have been recast to include the metal sulfides business

Enhancing and enriching lives

Our innovations enhance products consumers use every day by making them cleaner, safer and more efficient. Here are a few examples of common products that may contain Albemarle technologies:

Transportation FuelsConsumer ElectronicsOffshore Drilling Completion Fluids
Automotive ElectronicsAg IntermediatesHigh Performance Greases
Food PackagingPharmaceuticalsBuilding Insulation
Household AppliancesAerospacePlastic Bottles and Packaging
 Servers Heavy Equipment 


Providing solutions to global challenges

Demand for Albemarle's innovative solutions is driven by the global trends outlined below. See below for more details on each business. To view this information as a PDF, click here.

Performance Chemicals

Sales by Business(% as of 2013)

* EBITDA & EBITDA margin calculated before corporate overhead expenses

* Excludes the impact of the divesture of Albemarle’s antioxidant, ibuprofen and propofol businesses and assets

Fire Safety Solutions

A world leader in flame retardant chemistry, Albemarle offers an entire portfolio of fire safety solutions, including brominated-, mineral- and phosphorus-based flame retardants. Our products help customers meet fire safety standards across a wide range of applications in numerous end markets. Today, plastics molders, wire and cable compounders, building products manufacturers and automotive producers around the world rely on our solutions to add life-saving properties to their materials.

Specialty Chemicals

Albemarle is a leading global producer of bromine and bromine derivatives, with extensive proprietary technology in our product portfolio and serving diverse industries and needs. Our products are used in oil and gas well drilling and completion fluids, mercury control, paper manufacturing, water purification, beef and poultry processing, chemical syntheses and various other industrial applications. We also produce a variety of non-bromine based specialty chemicals used in household and industrial cleaners, disinfectants, biocides, paper-sizing formulations, agriculture, refractory, ceramic and polishing applications. Our performance chemicals group is also developing a new technology for recovery of lithium chemicals from brine. In short, many of our product offerings are geared toward providing our communities with cleaner energy, cleaner water, cleaner air and a robust food chain.

Albemarle curatives are critical components in urethane, urea and epoxy resin systems employed in a wide range of applications. Spray polyurea coatings are used in demanding environments when waterproofing and corrosion prevention is critical. Common examples are parking structures, sports stadiums, water parks and roofing systems. Cast polyurethane systems produce high performance elastomers used in applications such as wheels, rollers and off-road tires. Epoxy formulations based on our curatives are used in high-performance composites such as filament wound pipe and printed wire board.

Fine Chemistry Services and IntermediatesOur fine chemistry services division provides a complete range of custom manufacturing services backed by highly skilled R&D teams to assist with synthesis route selection, process development and analytical support, focused on the agrichemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and specialty materials markets. Products in our crop protection portfolio are sold to agrichemical manufacturers and distributors that produce and distribute herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and soil fumigants. We also manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates for cutting-edge medicines and delivery devices. Albemarle is distinguished competitively as one of a few companies in the world with full-scale facilities and expertise to service customers with product development at every stage, from contract research to process development, and pilot plant through commercial-scale manufacturing.


Catalyst Solutions
Sales by Business

(% as of 2013)

* EBITDA & EBITDA margin calculated before corporate overhead expenses

* Excludes the impact of the divesture of Albemarle’s antioxidant, ibuprofen and propofol businesses and assets

Refinery Catalyst Solutions (RCS)

Our RCS division is composed of two business units:  Heavy Oil Upgrading (HOU) and Clean Fuels Technology (CFT).  HOU is principally comprised of our FCC catalysts, which are used to crack heavy, low-value components of crude oil into lighter products like gasoline, diesel, and propylene, as well as our catalysts used to hydrotreat and hydrocrack resid feedstock. CFT is principally comprised of our hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts, which are used extensively within refineries to remove sulfur, metals and other contaminants from feedstock. We also plan to expand our capabilities in alkylation, polymerization, and isomerization.  Albemarle’s refinery catalyst development, application understanding and technical support services help refiners to balance fill costs, performance and economic returns. In addition we will continue our focus on building and maintaining highly-collaborative relationships with our industry partners.  These partnerships allow us to unlock additional value in our technology and to provide our services to an expanded customer base.

Performance Catalyst Solutions (PCS)

Our PCS division is comprised of three business units: polymer catalysts, chemical catalysts and electronic materials. We manufacture organometallic co-catalysts, metallocene components and co-catalysts, and finished polymerization catalysts, such as single-site catalysts (with or without our proprietary ActivCat® technology) and a line of proprietary Ziegler-Natta catalysts under the Advantage™ brand. Polymers produced using Albemarle catalysts include both commodity and specialty plastics serving a wide variety of end markets including packaging, non-packaging, films and injection molding. In electronic materials, we manufacture and sell high purity metal organic products for electronic applications such as LEDs for displays and general lighting, as well as other products used in solar cell production. Our chemical catalysts include a variety of products used in the broad chemical industry, including catalysts used to produce ethylene dichloride and methylamines, among other applications.



Sales by Business(% as of 2013)

* EBITDA & EBITDA margin calculated before corporate overhead expenses

*Historical Adj. EBITDA excludes 49% of Talison Lithium EBITDA

Special Salts

We develop and manufacture products that are specialties within the salts business including: (1) lithium phosphate which is used as a catalyst for chemical reactions; (2) lithium bromide, which is traditionally used for air conditioning applications and (3) lithium carbonate pharmaceutical grade, which is used in pharmaceutical applications in the United States and Europe.

Lithium Salts (Lithium Carbonate, Lithium Hydroxide, Potash)

We develop and manufacture basic lithium compounds, which serve a wide range of industries and applications, and potash. Our products include: (1) lithium carbonate, which is used as a fluxing agent for enamels, glass and ceramic production to lower process temperature in aluminum electrolysis, and as a cement additive for construction applications; (2) lithium hydroxide, which is principally used in high performance greases for automotive and industrial applications; (3) lithium nitrate, which is principally used in the rubber industry; (4) lithium chloride, which is principally used in gas and air treatment; and (5) potash, which we produce as a by-product of the lithium brine production at our salar in Chile.

Battery Products. We develop and manufacture lithium products for electronic applications, mainly for the primary (disposable) and secondary (rechargeable) battery industries. Our major product is battery grade lithium carbonate, which is the main component used in the production of thin, lightweight lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion-based batteries are used extensively in consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, camcorders, laptops and power tools. Our other products are battery grade lithium hydroxide, which has become more important for the development of high-performance lithium-ion batteries, and battery grade lithium metal, which is used as anode material for primary batteries. We are currently introducing a new generation of conductive lithium salts to the battery market, which we believe has the potential to drive significant growth in the future. We also expect increased demand for lithium products as a result of increased demand for longer-life lithium-based batteries in electric and hybrid electric automobiles.

Organometallics & Lithium MetalsButyllithium is used as a polymerization initiator for synthetic rubber and thermoplastic elastomers and as a reagent for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and agrochemicals. Lithium metal is used in organic synthesis processes, primarily in the area of steroid chemistry and vitamins. Generally, these products require a high degree of handling, transport and application know-how and customer service due to their high reactivity. We benefit from being a major supplier with butyllithium manufacturing and/or handling facilities in the United States, Germany, Taiwan and India. 

We develop and manufacture lithium compounds and other products for life science applications, such as special reagents for the synthesis of drug intermediates as well as for the flavor and fragrances industry. The principal products in this business division are lithium aluminum hydride and lithium amides. We also produce various other compounds which include lithium metal, grignard reagents and alkoxides. Our research and development team often works closely with research and development departments of pharmaceutical companies, especially in the European market, in order to develop products and solutions tailored for their needs. In addition, several variations of our lithium specialties are designed to produce liquid crystals for flat screens.  

Surface Treatment 

Sales by Business(% as of 2013)

* EBITDA & EBITDA margin calculated before corporate overhead expenses

*Note: Surface Treatment results have been recast to include the metal sulfides business

Surface Treatment

We believe that our Surface Treatment segment is a leading global supplier of surface treatment products and solutions. Surface Treatment’s products are used for a variety of applications and serve the automotive, aerospace and general industrial markets, including steel and metal-working industries. This business line supplies more than 5,000 different products, many of which are based on proprietary formulations and extensive application know-how, to approximately 50,000 customers and operates in over 20 countries for production, warehousing or research and development. Surface Treatment operates in the following core end-markets: Automotive Technologies and Components, Cold Forming and Coil, General Industry (including Aluminum Finishing) and Aerospace Technologies.  

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