Chain Extenders

Our ETHACURE® diamine chain extenders/crosslinkers are used to cure polyurethanes, epoxies and polyureas.

Easy to use, mix, meter and dispense, our liquid curatives allow you to easily adjust reaction time and eliminate dust exposure while saving time and improving product characteristics. ETHACURE curatives are ideal for spray coatings, cast elastomers, both hot cast and cold cast, as well as reaction injection moldings, adhesives and filament-wound pipe.

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Curing agent for polyurethane elastomers, reaction injection molding and expoxies; Can also be used as a chain extender for polyurethane and polyurea coatings
Low-color curing agent used in applications requiring optical clarity
Effective liquid aromatic diamine with low toxicity for TDI-based resins and prepolymers
ETHACURE® 420Liquid curative often used in combination with ETHACURE® 100 to adjust curing rates in fast reacting systems
ETHACURE® 534An effective curing agent for polyurethanes used as a chain extender for polyurethane and polyurea coatings, elastomers, joint sealants and adhesives, rigid and flexible foams, as well as in spray applications.
DETDA (Diethyltoluenediamine)

Diethyltoluenediamine is an effective extender for polyurethane elastomers, particularly in RIM applications.

ETHACURE® 520ETHACURE® 520 curative is an effective curing agent for polyurethanes. It is a mixture of aromatic diamines. It can be used as a chain extender for polyurethane and polyurea coatings, joint sealants, rigid and flexible foams, adhesives and elastomers as well as in spray applications.

Featured Product
ETHACURE® 300 This versatile, low-odor curative for polyurethane cast elastomers is easy-to-handle and was recently modified to greatly reduce odor while retaining the essential properties and performance qualities for which it’s known.