Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our U.S. manufactured APIs adhere to strict cGMP requirements, backed by our excellent regulatory record. We support you with technical service, regulatory information, and guidance, as needed, for efficient and effective use of our APIs. We maintain an active, ongoing program to develop new APIs. And, we draw upon a wide range of expertise and capabilities, ranging from samples to large-volume production, for use in all forms of drug products.

Benazepril HydrochlorideACE Inhibitor used in the treatement of hypertension and congestive heart failure
BenzonatateCough Suppressant
Diphenhydramine CitrateSleep aid; antihistamine
Fenoprofen CalciumAnalgesic, anti-inflammatory agent used in treatment of rhumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and for relief of mild to moderate pain; sometimes used in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis
FlurbiprofenAnalgesic, anti-inflammatory agent used in treatment of arthritis, dismenorrhea, tendonitis, bursitis and for relief of mild to moderate pain; not recommended for pediatric use
ItraconazoleAntifungal active against Aspergillus fungus (often in lungs)
KetoconazoleAntifungal used in creams and dandruff shampoo; also used in treatment of advanced Cushing's Syndrome
Lidocaine HydrochlorideTopical and local anesthetic; also used as injectible Anti-arhythmic
Lidocaine USPTopical anesthetic
Meclofenamate SodiumAnalgesic, anti-inflammatory agent used in the treatment of arthritis, dismenorrhea and for relief of mild to moderate pain; not recommended for pediatric use
MilrinoneCardiotonic used for treatment of acute congestive heart failure
Orphenadrine CitrateMuscle relaxant used in the treatment of painful muscle spasms
PramipexoleNeuroprotectant; Antidepressant
Procainamide hydrochlorideAnti-arhythmic, used in the treatment of atrial fibrillation
Propranolol HydrochlorideAnti-arhythmic; Anti-adrenergic used in the treatment of hypertension, angina, heart attacks and long term treatment of atrial fibrillation
TerconazoleTopical antifungal used in the treatment of recurrent vaginal yeast infections
Tetracaine HydrochlorideTopical anesthetic often used for opthalmic applications; may also be used as spinal anesthesia for short duration procedures
Tetrahydrozoline HydrochlorideVasoconstrictor, used in OTC ophthalmic applications

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